``Serf to Surf is a dynamic and progressive company located in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.``

Charles Herbst

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From lip balms to pet care, we have a wide range of ready to use products available for safe and secure online purchase.

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Serf to Surf is a full service manufacturer which means we can create your product from packaging, to formulation and labelling.

About Serf to Surf

Serf to Surf is a dynamic and progressive company located in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. We create, manufacture, and distribute premium hemp-based products.

We believe that people flourish if given opportunities to develop their gifts and skills. We believe each person should discover and perfect their purpose in life, and as a company we can help provide the space, support, and economic avenues to make that a reality. We’re strongly focused on profits, but choose creative avenues of making it real.

We’re successful because we set trends. We’re successful because we know that success depends greatly on attitude, and that by combining a positive mind with strength, skill and business acumen, one can move mountains. We’re successful because we’re on the cutting edge of business, not due to high technology, but our commitment to the fulfillment of human potential. We believe that the customer, in many instances in today’s world, is taken for granted and that this should not be. Our success depends on you, the customer and as such we will always cherish our relationship with each and every customer and will always ensure that they know it by actions, not promises.

We strive to produce the very best natural, skin care, lip balm and quality hemp products on the market today.


Hemp is the world's most durable and useful plant.

Hemp oil is extremely good for human health. It has the same omega fatty acids as the human body, which means hemp oil is quickly assimilated into your system. Hemp clothing will outlast any fabric on the market, and it wears in amazingly well. Growing hemp uses no fertilizers or pesticides, while it takes 2/3 cup of pesticides to grow enough cotton for 1 single t-shirt. So not only is hemp good for you, its good for the earth, and the people who till its soil.

Certified organic hempseed oil

We use only certified organic hempseed oil, unrefined shea nut butter and the finest, purest ingredients you can find. We’re taking the stigma out of hemp by introducing it to once alien, varied, and global markets, in ways that capture their attention. We’re setting trends by manufacturing the best in premium skin care products for everyday people that don’t compromise human or ecological health. We hope that you will sample and enjoy our wares and join the hundreds of others from all points of the globe, who have become loyal customers and cherished friends.