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Serf to Surf Products

We strive to produce the very best natural, skin care, lip balm and quality hemp products on the market today. We define this by the content and the quality of our essential and carrier oils and the formulae used to create the specific products. Products that actually do what they say they do, offered at prices that are affordable to all segments of the public and not just the elite.

Our Featured Products

Here are some of our favorite and most popular products. From balms to pet care we strive to provide the very best in natural products.

Serf to Surf

The perfect union of human and nature. Striving to produce the very best natural, skin care, lip balm and quality hemp products since 2002.


Serf to Surf brand natural skin care products contain only “Unrefined” shea nut butter and in healthy doses.


Hemp is the oldest cultivated fiber plant in the world. It contains no toxins as it does not require pesticides.

EastVan Store

EastVan is an apparel company located in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. From tang tops to hoodies, we have a wide range of apparel products available for sale.

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