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Pat Jennens – Kelowna BC

I have had psoriasis on my hands for four years. This kind that I had is called pustular psoriasis and is spread on the hands and feet.

It started with an infection and triggered my psoriasis. Over the four years I have tried all creams from the doctor from inexpensive to very expensive, also I was put on antibiotics three times and prednisone twice which worked till I went off of it but turned my nerves all upside down. I have seen two dermatologists also I was put on a drug called methotrexate which is very hard on your liver ( scary stuff.) My hands would bleed and split open and I was always wrapped in bandages. This made living and using my hands very difficult to say the least.
Finally my husband was looking in a magazine and found an ad for Serf to Surf he called Carlos and he sent some samples and in one week I started to get better and each day it is better. Living is easier as I now have no bandages and my hands are clear and soft for the first time in four years. I never go out the door without some in my purse. It has made such a difference to my life, no more crying with pain anymore for me.

I can not thank you enough for these products or say enough about it thanks does not say it all so again thank you I have my life back.

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