Not all lip balm products are created equal

Not all lip balm products are created equal. Many lip balms are poured from 20 liter pails of stock product purchased in various flavours. They are then labeled and sold as promo lip balms or private label lip balms. The formula for Tropikiss™, as with all of the skin care products that we offer, was carefully developed by a professional with years of experience in herbology, biology, research and development and formulation. Each and every ingredient is carefully calculated for maximum positive results, a process which can take months.

Tropikiss is a premium Hemp lip balm, created and blended with 8 of the very finest skin healing and protecting natural ingredients, in an Organic Hempseed oil base. It genuinely soothes and heals your lips, and thanks to its remarkably resilient formula, each application will last longer than just one kiss. In fact, one application of Tropikiss can last for hours!

Lots of lip balms are full of water, petroleum, alcohol byproducts (which actually dry out your lips) Some chemical sun blocks, we’re now learning might cause cancer instead of prevent it! Tropikiss, on the other hand, is made from pure, natural ingredients, and the finest tropical oils purchased ONLY from reputed and carefully selected vendors. We use organic ingredients when and if available and as we progress we will of course transition. Serf to Surf also purchases and adheres to fair trade practices because, well … it’s just the right thing to do!


Candilla wax, Certified Organic Hempseed Oil,Grapeseed Oil,
Cocoa butter, Evening Primrose Oil, Calendula Oil, Rosemary extract, Comfrey Oil, Cupuacu Butter, Vitamin E.


Deep Cove – Esentials of Peppermint, Spearmint and Lemongrass

Lost Lagoon – Essentials of Peppermint, Anise, Basil, Spearmint,Eucalyptus

Tofino – Natural Vanilla, Natural Strawbery

Coconut –  Natural Coconut