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Just an FYI, we used the Tush on little baby Ash when he got a little bum rash and when his skin got a bit dry and it cleared up everything right away!

The midwife came by later that day and commented on how great his skin looked and asked if we put anything on him and I showed her the tin of Tush. She said he looked PERFECT! So, keep up the great work and thank you for being so generous and for keeping in touch all these years!


Ashton Michael Parker

Ashton Michael Parker

Dear Serf to Surf I wanted to compliment you on your ADIOS line of products.  It is wonderful to finally find a product that is chemical free that truly works as a bug replant and sun screen.  I only wanted to use natural products on my children and was therefore thrilled when I discovered ADIOS.  It is now the product I don’t leave home without.  Thank you for bringing such a great product to market.I also must compliment you on your TUSH line of products. This product works wonders at clearing diaper rash and other ailments. I have been thrilled with how quickly this product works to clear up rashes and other sores. This too has become a product that I can not live without, having small children. Your dedication to bringing healthy safe products to market is greatly appreciated Sincerely,
Amanda Summers ext.223
Kidzsmart Concepts Inc.
Program Specialist
P: 1-888-292-9444 (Toll Free) 604-886-6633 (Local)
F: 1-604-886-6594


BC Parent magazine, features TUSH in Fab Finds!


Visit BC Parent on line or pick up a copy!


What a fabulous natural alternative to everything else on the shelves. I love the packaging and the product is truly premium in every sense. I also LOVE the fragrance.

well done Serf to Surf!

Maria Maraciello
Houston, Texas


I am very impressed with Tush. My son ( 9 months old) had terrible diaper rash and we tried everything on the pharmacy shelf. I heard about your product and decided to give it a try and within 2 days the rash was disappearing, it is now gone completely!

Thanks Serf to Surf for the great products. I'll have to try your other products now too

Jo Anne Findlay, Tucson Arizona.
PS. Jason says thank you too :)!


As seen in "Eureka"

Urban Baby

Spring 2004


I received the package of products yesterday. Thank you. I LOVE the Hemp Bodysex moisturizer, and my baby's bum likes Tush!

Emma Lee
Urbanbaby Magazine

Giftpack samplers=SAVINGS!

After my first child, I had time to make my own diaper rash salve, which was amazingly effective. It really proved to me the difference between nature's remedies and those made by big pharmaceutical companies.

Following my second child, I had no free time, and have been seeking that home-made goodness from somebody else. And then I found TUSH . It has truly saved the day, I feel wonderfully at ease applying it to that adorable baby bum. It's in good, healing hands. The increased hand washing parents do around an infant or toddler can leave the hands leathery and cracked. So keep some TUSH by the bathroom sink -its as healing for you as it is for baby! TUSH is the BEST all around salve that you can feel good about. Use it for burns and rashes, and because it contains grape seed oil, it can prevent infection in scrapes and cuts. Also, since TUSH contains apricot kernel and jojoba oils, along with vitamin E, you can use it as an effective, 100% natural stretch mark treatment, too! Calendula and Shea butter, along with Organic Hempseed oil, help to eliminate and prevent rashes of all kinds while rosemary extract acts as a natural anti-oxidant. TUSH comes in a reusable, compact, leak proof tin that's very portable, so you will never again have that experience of baby lotion leaking in your diaper bag or not having lotion on board when you need it!

Jennifer, (Mostly Mommies)

At long last I have found something that works!

(And its ALL NATURAL!)

 My skin is very dry, sensitive and eczema prone and it just ‘loves’ TUSH and in particular GONZOON.

 The protective, soothing and healing qualities last for hours. I find they are easily absorbed, leave my skin soft and moisturized, and best of all, free of allergic rashes and discomfort.

I have had dry, sensitive and eczema-prone skin for over 20 years. Everything I tried was too greasy (and gave pimples) or didn’t moisturize – they would only last about half an hour.

I would treat an eczema flare-up with Cortisone cream and the moisturizers – and it would take days to clear up, and need to be applied throughout the day to keep comfortable. Now, if I have a bad flare-up, I only apply the Cortisone once, and then keep following up with GONZOON. It breaks the cycle of irritation and it heals up within one or two days. It’s moisturising is so long-lasting, I usually only need to apply morning and night. It soothes when it is applied, it seems to have a protective film that means when I sweat it doesn’t sting or itch, so I don’t scratch and make it worse. It’s brilliant for moisturising without being greasy.

I’m sensitive to underarm deodorants – even ‘natural’ ones – so I’ve ended up just washing frequently throughout the day. I found GONZOON so good for my eczema that I tried it on my underarms. I’ve had NO rashes, NO stickiness and NO odour! I’m sure all the anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties in GONZOON keep the odour away, and I feel great! I don’t have to worry about washing all the time or worry that I might smell bad. Maybe you could bring it out as a deodorant balm?

Barbara Crawford

Perth , Western Australia

I began using tush during my fifth month of pregnancy when it was recommended by a close friend and have never used anything but this great product. I have absolutely no stretch marks and my daughter has never had a problem with diaper rash. I highly recommend this product to anyone who has or is expecting a child.

I will continue to use this product and recommend it to every mom or mom to be I meet.Thanks for the great products,

Lorraine Duval,
Brampton, Ont.


We love the Tush and Beachsex for Andrew (baby), they seem to be doing an exceptional job keeping his skin looking lovely, supple and irritation free, when everything else made it pinker or did nothing at all.

I think we prefer the beachsex, partly because of the name, but it is also such a beachy scent!  But work brilliantly.  We have been using them for a few weeks
now, and have had no flare ups of his dermatitis at
all...  Next thing to do is to try it on his other dry
patches on his arms and legs... 

Victoria, Australia.

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