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Hi Carlos, We are mentioning the Serf to Surf Tropikiss lip balm in Dec. InStyle UK. (September issue of InStyle on N. American bookstands) The reason we are featuring it in our magazine, is because we did a beauty interview with Alicia Silverstone and she raved about the coconut and peach lip balms.

Sarah Sarah Cooper
InStyle Magazine
Stamford Street, LondonSubscribe to InStyle online
Subscribe to InStyle on-line or pick up your copy at your favorite bookstoreReviews on all our skin care products will be featured in upcoming InStyle UK

Hi there!
I recently stumbled upon your website and ordered some Tropikiss online.  I LOVE it and was super impressed with the high level of customer service!!  I loved the little note enclosed with my order, the free samples, and the free shipping!!  I am telling all my friends about you!!  I would love to promote you guys even further by being able to offer some of your product at a silent auction we are having in April to raise money for our women's soccer club.  Please review the attached letter and let me know if you can help us...and we in turn will provide you with some free advertising!!
Thanks so much...
Tropikissing in St. Albert, Alberta....
Trudy Iwanyshyn
      Hi!! I am writing to say that your lip balm is the BEST that I've ever tried. I bought one for my friend as well, and we are now both addicted!! :)I've been advertising the Hemp Tropikiss all over the internet (livejournal and lipmedic and some others...). I have tried soo many lipbalms, and continuously reach for yours the most. (I am addicted to lipbalm ;)). Thank you for making a wonderful product! I shall go and try your bodysex/beachsex next! :)<3 Nicole LittleRichmond, BC
Your lip balm is the best! I have tried many others as I guess I'm a bit of a fanatic but not only does Tropik kiss keep my lips soft and moist but it lasts forever. I've been using the same tin for almost 2 months!Renee D. Quebec
I got the lip balm the other day and I have to say the only reason at first that I got this is because I am a sucker for anything coconut. BUT this is the best most natural feeling lipbalm I have ever had. I am hooked for life.
Thank You!

hey! i recently bought your lipbalm from your website after reading the alicia silverstone article in instyle...i love it! it smells just like how i thought it would (i bought tropisle)! it makes my lips smooth and they are a bit glossy flirting lip balm! lol i love it! i wish there were retailers nearby me, but hopefully there wil be in the future..keep makin this awesome, great smelling products! i hope to try some more later! thanks again!! sara  
After reading about Hemp Tropikiss Lip Balm in an issue of In Style, I decided to search for it on the internet and found that it's a Canadian product. And even better, they don't charge for shipping. So, I ordered what Alicia Silverstone raved about, Peach and Coconut Tropikiss, it took 4 days for it to be delivered to me. And to my surprise, the balms are great. It has tasty flavours and really soothes dry, cracked lips without feeling like you have globs of lip balm on. I can't wait to try the other products that Serf to Surf offers. But I will definitely be back to order more Hemp Tropikiss so that I can have every flavour!

Alysia - Mississauga


I wanted to thank you so much for the great products. I had been wanting to try the tropikiss lip balms for quite sometime, and I'm glad I finally did. The chocolate mint is great! Sooo yummy smelling. I've been eating a lot of mint chocolate tofutti lately and this is even better than it! hehe. The peach smells like fresh cut peaches. Very much a summery smell. Thank you also for the samples of the beach and bodysex.
When summer comes back around Beachsex will be a musthave :)

thank you.



I recently ordered some Tropikiss lip gloss online (after tragically losing mine in Macy's over reading week). I was disappointed to find I couldn't get any Serf to Surf in Quebec , but was soon THRILLED after ordering online!

It came quickly, and with a thank you, and free samples! Joy of joys! I just wanted to let you know how positive an experience I had ordering from you. The included note mentions how you want to encourage online sales, and I have to say you've made me confident doing so with your company. Including the tax in the price is brilliant (who'd a thunk?), and the free shipping is a HUGE incentive... I cannot stress that enough!

Thank you, and keep up the good work!!

Sarin Moddle

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