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African Black Soap BODYSEX, Hempseed oil body and hair moisturizer plus BEACHSEX, Tanning, Hair wax, moisturizer, plus Essentials, Hempseed body and hair moisturiser plus TROPIKISS™ Premium Hemp Lip Balm TUSH ™ Diaper rash, stretchmark prevention FACE PHIRST, Extreme skin care PHAT TAT Tattoo, piercing Balm PETICURE Natural skin ailment treatment for animals Unrefined Shea Nut Butter and Organic Hempseed oil- Skin and body care ESSENCE OF PARADISE Tropical odorizing mist



Dear Sir,

I am writing to you after purchasing two of your staple products (Unscented Bodysex and African Black Soap) on the recommendation of Nathan Avilla, whom I believe to be a long-time client of yours — not to mention a convincing enthusiast.

I am glad to report that, after years of fighting skin trouble (acne and psoriasis) with every conceivable method known to man, from harsh chemicals and pills to vinegar and lavender, I have finally found relief and, dare I say it, cosmetic benefits as well, in your products. I have already noticed a marked improvement in less than a week (for the first time in about ten years), and this despite our harsh Parisian water (I am writing from France) that seldom works with natural products.

Colour me convinced, and enthused, by your products!

Very truly yours,

— FJ


Subject: Simply amazing.

"I am so impressed with the order of black soap I received! Thank you so so so so so much!, and for the extra goodies, you are generous. I am already seeing a huge difference in my skin and I`ve only used it twice. I had such dry skin before, and the first time I washed and used the Shea butter my skin has never felt better. And the coconut oil is much better than the oil I have been using. I am just so impressed and happy right now. .. I finally feel clean, in such a healthy way, and Fair trade really is the only ethical way to go, so thank you for that. If you can, can you thank the family for me who makes the black soap, they have done a wonderful job.
Your business is going to prosper and prosper, and that is the truth."


Hi Carlos,

What wonderful feedback to receive, I was happy to eventually get through to Rose, our head soap maker,
to forward the message and her message back is "Medasi Pa" which is the Twi language
for 'thank you so much'.
Carlos, they are such humble people and so grateful of the praise - especially when they hear it is coming from a far away place.

Thank you for forwarding Daniella's kind words.

Jennifer Opoku


It's 3 am and my trauma pager goes off. I run to the trauma to find a 15 year old gun shot victim. As a first year surgical resident I call my senior and we quickly bring the boy to the operating room. Our attending meets us there and we go to work. To save a life takes a lot of organization, intellect, caring and some luck. The boy survived but his quality of life was definitely tainted.

After writing the orders and say bye to the O.R. staff I went to the library to send an email to my folks just letting them know the usual that I am not sick, I am eating and I am studying hard. Much to my amazement I also saw an email from CARLOS. I thought to myself hmm we just spoke this afternoon and he said he would get back to me with a design for hemp oil lip balms. I quickly opened the email and was thinking that I forgot to give him my address or he had a question.

Low and behold what I saw was our label design. I quickly called my sister at 5 am and said "check your email I think we have finally made our dreams come true ". She was shocked to see such great work done so quickly. 

When the products arrived to our day spa in a timely fashion we initially gave them away as promotional items. A few days later my sister called me during my morning rounds and said "I need to talk to you now". I thought to myself now what I knew it was too good to be true I bet the quality was lacking. As soon as I got a free moment i called my sister and said "what's wrong" ? She said " wow that products and flavors are so good that clients are calling her up and wanting more. "  My fellow resident looked at me and said why are you smiling ?" I just glanced at him and said I think its CHRISTMAS.

As  a surgical resident I am expected to be  INTELLIGENT, ACCURATE, CARING, SINCERE, HONEST, HARD WORKING,TRUSTING, PUNCTUAL at times very CREATIVE. Simply put CARLOS AT SURF TO SERF is the DNA of what a surgical resident is comprised of. THANK YOU CARLOS for making my sister's and I dream come true. 
                                    NAMASTE DR MANOJ K DHARIWA, PHARM D. , MBA, C.P.T.

Hey Carlos.  First of all, let me just say that the products I ordered from you are FANTASTIC!  I've suffered from eczema for 20+ years and I've never used anything as effective before.  As soon as i put it on my skin, i could feel the beneficial effects.  Usually i have to moisturize repeatedly all day, but your products have allowed me to reduce this dramatically.  You rock, your company rocks, and your products are simply amazing.  I really can't give say enough.  My question to you is if I can get the $30 two-tin deal for one of bodysex and one of essentials.

Of course you can :)


I recently ordered some Tropikiss lip gloss online (after tragically losing mine in Macy's over reading week). I was disappointed to find I couldn't get any Serf to Surf in Quebec , but was soon THRILLED after ordering online!

It came quickly, and with a thank you, and free samples! Joy of joys! I just wanted to let you know how positive an experience I had ordering from you. The included note mentions how you want to encourage online sales, and I have to say you've made me confident doing so with your company. Including the tax in the price is brilliant (who'd a thunk?), and the free shipping is a HUGE incentive.. I cannot stress that enough!

Thank you, and keep up the good work!!

Sarin Moddle


I Just received my tropikisses and samplers all I have to say is AWESOME. I love the tropikiss lip balms the flavors are so yummy. I just order some more beach and body sex I can't live without silky soft skin and the samplers just did it for me I'll never use anything else I'm literally in love with your products.I used the body sex sampler on my new tattoo and my many piercings(belly button, nipple , nose and ears ) it worked wonders!!! thank you!!!!



Hi there! 

I wasn't sure who to submit this to, but I just wanted to say thank you for consistently offering great customer service and for showing your regular customers appreciation.  I have been ordering from you guys since the company's inception and have never been disappointed.  Thanks for the great new products!


Donaline Vizcarra


I have had psoriasis on my hands for four years the kind that I had is called pustular psoriasis and is on the hands and feet. It started with an infection and triggered my psoriasis. Over the four years I have tried all creams from the doctor from inexpensive to very expensive, also I was put on antibiotics three times and prednisone  twice which worked till I went off of it but turned my nerves all upside down. I have seen two dermatologists also I was put on a drug called methotrexate which is very hard on your liver ( scary stuff.) My hands would bleed and split open and I was always wrapped in bandages. This made living and using my hands very difficult to say the least.

Finally my husband was looking in a magazine and found an ad for Serf to Surf he called Carlos and he sent some samples and in one week I started to get better and each day it is better. Living is easier as I now have no bandages and my hands are clear and soft for the first time in four years. I never go out the door without some in my purse. It has made such a difference to my life, no more crying with pain anymore for me. I can not thank you enough for these products or say enough about it thanks does not say it all so again thank you I have my life back.

Pat Jennens - Kelowna BC


Serf to Surf is wonderful!  Carlos provided the perfect product for our son’s condition.  His caring and personal service was remarkable.  We tell everyone about our great experience.  

Sharon and Marty - Farmington Hills, MI

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