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We will be happy to quote you on your private labeling needs. Serf to Surf is a full service manufacturer which means we can create your artwork (for labeling and displays and packaging), create a product mold, or free pour, create the formula, the fragrance(s), flavor(s) of your choice and manufacture unlimited quantities as per your requirements at the lowest prices anywhere. Production capacity is 10,000 units per day (dependant on volume of product.)

We use ONLY the finest natural carrier and essential oils, purchased form the most reputable suppliers. Organics are available although prices will increase as they are more expensive.

We would be happy to create

  • Lip balms
  • Body balms
  • Massage balms
  • Powders (body, foot)
  • Anti-aging
  • Anti Wrinkle
  • Blemish control
  • Lip plumping
  • Cellulite
  • We will always do our best to accommodate any special requests you may have

Why don't you offer lotions or creams?

Because they are 75 % water (or aqua) and we just can't justify charging you (or your clients) good money for water. We manufacture only premium quality natural skin and lip care products made from the finest ingredients, purchased from the most reputable suppliers. If you are interested in offering premium, natural products that do what they say they do then you're at the right place. If you want to offer lotions or creams there are many companies out there that would be more than happy to oblige and will readily take your money.

Why don't you offer drop shipping?

The problem with standard drop ship relationships, for which I get many inquiries is that the onus is entirely on the manufacturer and this just does not make good business sense nor does it seem particularly fair. Basically you would like to offer our products on your web site, you do not want to pay for them, you do not want to ship them, but you do want to receive revenues. I can't see the benefits for my company can you?

On the other hand if this is an ongoing monthly production run which entails us to ship to your clients (within North America) we will gladly oblige. We will add a modest handling fee for packing, labeling and shipping materials and you will open or make arrangements with your existing UPS, Fed Ex, etc. account. We will ship on your account and you will be billed monthly from your shipping provider. This makes it much easier for you to track your costs. We will (as part of the service) provide tacking info, if requested to your cliental.

Private Label Lip Balm

Private Label Lip Balm

Private label Skincare

If you are

  • Interested in creating your own private label line and offering excellent, premium natural products to friends, retailers, home parties etc.
  • Have always wanted to own your own business that you can operate from your home.
  • Have a web site or are thinking of creating a web site that offers natural products and would like to include your own brand of quality natural skin care products.
  • Would like to be involved in educating the public about the benefits of natural products.
Enter recipient's e-mail:

Private label skin care

What do you need?

  • Think of the demographic and customers that you would like to address
  • The desire, discipline and hard work required to market your line to the world!!
  • Think of a name for your new line of quality natural skin care products.
  • That's it ...let's get creative!
private label skin care
  • We will work with you in creating your logo, presentation, labels, display, promotional material, business cards and anything else you need. Even an e-commerce web site if desired
  • We will discuss and supply you with the packaging that best suits your line. There are no limits. We are here to serve you and to assist you every step of the way!
  • We can work on a budget figure. You can order in larger quantities to take advantage of price breaks and we will ship in the increments you desire to ensure that your customers get the very freshest products because they and you deserve to! This way you do not have to stress at the shelves of products you have in the garage and when they will expire and can concentrate on marketing, branding and growing your business. When you're getting low, just give us 2 weeks notice and the next shipment will be manufactured, labeled and shipped!

Please be sure to read and understand property, policy and disclaimer information.

e-mail or call 604-669-2207 for a quote.

                    private label skincare testimonials      

Private Label Lip Balm


I am very happy with Serf to Surf. Carlos has been helping me from the beginning to the end. Not only the lip balms are amazing, the packaging design is also beautiful. Thanks Carlos for putting so much work into the beautiful design, the tins really stand out and people love them. Serf to Surf is very reliable and is a true one-stop-shopping for a busy person like me. Mimi Surada


Private label skincare
  I wanted to take a moment to thank you for the excellent service that you offer. I very much appreciate your quick responses, your helpful nature and your professional demeanor. Your products are excellent and I look forward to continuing our business relationship.


J.-A. Paré

Private label skin care products

As the Vice President of Marketing, Northeast, for the Best Balms Corporation, I can not say more positive things about the Serf to Surf Company and its President, Carlos Herbst.

The company was instrumental in the design and production of our initial product line. We have found Mr. Herbst to be very professional in all aspects of the lip and specialty balm manufacturing process.

Prompt, professional service is what you will receive when dealing with this quality private label company.

William Cianelli

VP of Marketing, NE

Sports Balms

I wanted to drop you a quick testimonial and a thank you for everything.  I found you only after being blown off by another lip balm manufacturer.  They took my money, then stopped returning my phone calls, only after numerous excuses.  I sent you an email and you promptly called me.  I explained what I wanted and you got it. 
As I have never done anything like this before you virtually held my hand the entire time.  You worked brilliantly well with all the other vendors working on the balm. You delivered the product on time and did what you promised.
I look forward to working with you for many years.

Best, Nelle Dreyer-Founder
natural dog nose balm, manufacturer direct, snout soother well adjusted dog company


It's 3 am and my trauma pager goes off. I run to the trauma to find a 15 year old gun shot victim. As a first year surgical resident I call my senior and we quickly bring the boy to the operating room. Our attending meets us there and we go to work. To save a life takes a lot of organization, intellect, caring and some luck. The boy survived but his quality of life was definitely tainted.

After writing the orders and say bye to the O.R. staff I went to the library to send an email to my folks just letting them know the usual that I am not sick, I am eating and I am studying hard. Much to my amazement I also saw an email from CARLOS. I thought to myself hmm we just spoke this afternoon and he said he would get back to me with a design for hemp oil lip balms. I quickly opened the email and was thinking that I forgot to give him my address or he had a question.

Low and behold what I saw was our label design. I quickly called my sister at 5 am and said "check your email I think we have finally made our dreams come true ". She was shocked to see such great work done so quickly.

When the products arrived to our day spa in a timely fashion we initially gave them away as promotional items. A few days later my sister called me during my morning rounds and said "I need to talk to you now". I thought to myself now what I knew it was too good to be true I bet the quality was lacking. As soon as I got a free moment i called my sister and said "what's wrong" ? She said " wow that products and flavors are so good that clients are calling her up and wanting more. "My fellow resident looked at me and said why are you smiling ?" I just glanced at him and said I think its CHRISTMAS


Simply put CARLOS AT SURF TO SERF is the DNA of what a surgical resident is comprised of. THANK YOU CARLOS for making my sister's and I dream come true - Partner- -SKINTOPIABYBINA.COM

Hemp Chronicals Lip Balm

"If you're considering Serf to Surf to make your lip care products, DO IT.  Carlos is an absolute stand up guy.  He is a total professional who delivers what he promises.  His products are fantastic, his service is outstanding, and his demeanor is very uplifting.  He is a complete joy to work with.  I feel blessed to have found him and his company.  In my opinion, YOU CAN'T GO WRONG!"

Jared - The Hemp Chronicles

Skintopia By Bina
Integrity, vision and talent are rare by themselves but to find them all characterized in one man and one business philosophy was our great fortune! What a great pleasure it has been working with you.Your skill and persistence was the foremost driving force in the creation of the Ritual line of skin care products. I thank you for your high quality, inspired work ... to see my concepts turned into reality and detailed and refined through your artistic endeavors was awesome!
"We are all inventors, each sailing out on a voyage of discovery, guided each by a private chart, of which there is no duplicate. The world is all gates, all opportunities."
Ralph Waldo Emerson
Thank You Carlos
for opening this gate...this opportunity!
Douglas Spangler
Rituals LLC
private label skincare displays

Rituals Display



Thanks for delivering!

Your products are wonderful and my first order with you has been so appreciated. People have enjoyed the products and the private labeling is perfect.

Thanks so much for the design on my postcards; you truly knew what I wanted and how to put it together for me. You did such beautiful design work in such a short time.

Thanks for the great products I will proudly use in my business and your talent and the services you provide.


Mobile Beauty Spa

Misti Hurst Racing


I just want to thank you for all your help, guidance and awesome work in helping me create a private label for your excellent quality products. You have an amazing ability to work quickly and effectively and you are very organized, helpful and resourceful.  I've been really impressed by your ability to just get things done right away, no messing about, and in your ability to practically read my mind in regards to what I'm looking for. What could have been a very daunting task has been made fun and exciting and I'm looking forward to working with you long into the future! Thanks so much,

Misti Hurst

ZOOOM Body Products
ZOOOM All Natural Body Products
private label skincare

I have been purchasing the Serf to Surf products for my company since July of 2005. The products are of a very high quality. In February of 2006 Carlos asked me if i had a company logo to put on some tubes of lip balm to use for promotions. Being a new business I had not thought about a logo as of yet. During a phone conversation with Carlos he asked what I thought my logo should have and I said "You might think i am crazy, but i want the hemp leaf and dolphins to be on the logo." Within about a week Carlos had come up with my new logo and the first time i saw it i knew that this was perfect. There was a little tweaking and the finished product is of very high quality and makes a very positive statement. i want to thank Carlos again for the very professional job creating such a positive logo, now my business will stand out from the rest.

private label skincare
Hi Carlos,
You have recently dealt with my husband Philip Boyer (and myself, a little) on his MoonBlock line of healing balm.  We have been thrilled thus far with not only your product but with you and Serf to Surf.  Given our positive experience, I am interested in pursuing a private label line of all natural mother and baby products with you.
private label skin care
private label skin care
    Hello Carlos. We are totally happy with everything that you have done for
our new business to get a "Natural Hemp Store" line of products up on to the
market . I know you spent days working on the labels and all the the other
stuff it takes to get these products all together. Thank you for all the
help getting other products from other places for our store and everything
else you have helped us with. We are looking forward to doing many years of
business with "Surf to Surf". Thank You from Ken and Pearl at Natural Hemp

Carlos – many thanks for all your help in making our presence at the Wellness Show a success. The Code 5 Fitness Body care line was very well-received, and the quality of the products is of course second to none!

What really made the whole experience that much more rewarding was the personalized service and attention to detail we got from you (Carlos). It was a pleasure dealing with Serf to Surf, and it is obvious the company takes pride in its product and genuinely cares about its customers. I look forward to many more successful years of business with Serf to Surf... THANK YOU!

Tricia Dong -Code 5 Fitness

private label skincare
private label skin care
private label skin care    

As a person who has been in the industry for over 10 years, I find Serf to Surf's products top notch, top quality.

My company is always looking for new and innovative natural products and Serf to Surf always has it. You achieve the highest level from concept to final product. I have dealt with a lot of different manufactures and Serf to Surf is in a league of their own. Keep on doing what you do!

Marc Asher
Mundo Products

Hi Carlos,

My husband tried the Body Sex for the sun.  He used it on Canada Day and he did not burn or get any bumps.  He was very impressed.  Marlon always had itched when he put sun screen on to go outside and he'd still get some bumps.  With this he did not get any bumps or the itching.  He put some on this morning before going to work just to make sure, he just can't believe that this works with so little natural sun screen in the product.  He is going to be a great sale rep.

Everyone just loves the label. It looks great!!!!! Dad said this morning that if nanny knew that her picture was on something that was going to be going around the province she would not be able to fit through a door (her shoulders would be too wide) she would be so proud.

Thanks so much for helping me make a dream come true. Marlon and I are saving up to be able to get the mini for samples so we can get out into the health spas. I already have people that are interested in the bodysex under my label so they can try it, one for sunscreen and the other, a family member has trouble psoriasis. Marlon is a great walking brochure. Ha Ha!!!!!

Sandra Beairsto - Es-Beas Gifts and More. Bridgewater, Nova Scotia - (902) 766-4966  

When we were approached to work on a special promotional addition for Sugar Shane's debut CD, we were excited at the thought of this new and unique approach. The fragrance, was created exclusively for Sugar Shane and blended into a sensual massage bar. Packaged in a tin and decorated with a custom label and bottom message we feel that this is an ideal addition to this excellent, well produced CD.

private label skin care

For Guinevere - To Hell and Back
© 2004 White Chocolate Studios

private label skin care
"...the best motherf@#%in' white singer I ever heard..he's like white chocolate." Snoop Dogg
"Hey Carlos...with the release of my debut CD I have tried to open a
door and unlock some of the deep dark realities that exist within human
relationships.They say that smell is our most powerful sense and I
believe the Serf to Serf - SugarShane Bodysex massage balm may in fact be the key
that unlocks that door....great product and I look forward to working
together again....SugarShane"

        Dear Carlos:

Next week we will introduce our proprietary aroma therapeutic hand balm to the US market, and a great deal of credit for its timely production and quality must be given to you.  You've provided assistance, knowledge, enthusiasm and, above all, your internationally-recognized expertise.  The quality of your assistance, and the quality of your ingredients, are not matched anywhere - and I certainly searched the world over before I contacted you.

Thank you for all your help.  I can imagine a long-term successful partnership with you and your company. 

Dr. Diane Wakat, PhD
President & Founder
SciMedica, Inc.

Dear Carlos;
I would love to send a testimonial for your fabulous natural products and your outstanding service. It is wonderful to do business with someone who has such high integrity and regard for his fellow humans. It is amazing to meet someone who says what he means and means what he says and delivers the same. Virtually everything I have asked to have created you have undertaken with a zeal and a zest matched only by my own. It is as if it is your personal creation. I look forward to many happy years as a Private Label customer of your products. I wish you the greatest success. Thank-you for the opportunity to deliver this message to your audience
Lexis Lorrise Johnson, PhD, HHP
        When we were looking to add a premium lip balm to our all natural line of bath and body products, The contacted Serf to Surf for a solution. We were pleased with the attention we were given throughout the decision making process and eventually decided to add Serf to Surf Premium Hemp Lip Balm to our private label line. Carlos did everything to make sure we were happy in our selection, from designing our artwork to ensuring the order was shipped promptly. I can tell you that this has been one of the best experiences we have had with any of our suppliers and the quality of the product is truly "second to none".

Karl Roth
The Dermshoppe

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