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At long last I have found something that works!

(And its ALL NATURAL!)

 My skin is very dry, sensitive and eczema prone and it just ‘loves’ TUSH and in particular GONZOON.

 The protective, soothing and healing qualities last for hours. I find they are easily absorbed, leave my skin soft and moisturized, and best of all, free of allergic rashes and discomfort.

I have had dry, sensitive and eczema-prone skin for over 20 years. Everything I tried was too greasy (and gave pimples) or didn’t moisturize – they would only last about half an hour.


I would treat an eczema flare-up with Cortisone cream and the moisturizers – and it would take days to clear up, and need to be applied throughout the day to keep comfortable. Now, if I have a bad flare-up, I only apply the Cortisone once, and then keep following up with GONZOON. It breaks the cycle of irritation and it heals up within one or two days. It’s moisturising is so long-lasting, I usually only need to apply morning and night. It soothes when it is applied, it seems to have a protective film that means when I sweat it doesn’t sting or itch, so I don’t scratch and make it worse. It’s brilliant for moisturising without being greasy.

I’m sensitive to underarm deodorants – even ‘natural’ ones – so I’ve ended up just washing frequently throughout the day. I found GONZOON so good for my eczema that I tried it on my underarms. I’ve had NO rashes, NO stickiness and NO odour! I’m sure all the anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties in GONZOON keep the odour away, and I feel great! I don’t have to worry about washing all the time or worry that I might smell bad. Maybe you could bring it out as a deodorant balm?

Barbara Crawford

Perth , Western Australia



Last week when you told me that it was the Phat Tat that I should be using on my daughters arm and not the Bodysex I started using it on her arm. Well this week it is almost completely cleared up and we have tried everything on it under the sun, moisturizing creams, antibacterial ointments, and prescription creams with anti-fungal agents in it and nothing had been working.

My daughter and I are amazed at how well it is working she's had the 2" patch of infected skin since june. It was caused from a cast she had on her arm. and ended up getting infected with a fungus.
I will forwarded you some pictures at the end of the week, giving it a full week of treatment with the phat tat balm, you will be able to see how raw it was before phat tat and how well it has healed after only 1 week of using it.
Thanks again for everything and I can assure you that I will be dealing with you on a distributer level soon.
Thanks again
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