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Face Phirst - Ultimate face and skin protection

Skiing, boarding and xtreme weather face guard+


Whether you’re catching air on the half pipe or enjoying nature on a set of cross country skis, winter weather, wind and sun are tough on your face and skin. That’s why we made FACE PHIRST™ - a fabulous winter weather and wind burn prevention skin balm packed into a smaller, pocket friendly tin!

FACE PHIRST™ is a blend of ten protecting, replenishing and conditioning emollients and oils. Our famous organic hempseed oil base is blended with the very finest carrier and essential oils known for their healing properties, including the ancient Polynesian skin healer, Kukui nut oil.

FACE PHIRST is a blend of ten protecting, replenishing and conditioning emollients and oils formulated for protecting your sensitive skin in extreme weather conditions.

Originally from the Hawai’ian Islands, Kukui has been used for centuries to protect and heal skin exposed to harsh sun, drying winds and salt water. Kukui contains significant amounts (over 70%) of linoleic and linlenic essential fatty acids which are deeply absorbed and assimilated by the skin, preventing moisture loss and creating a healing environment. Kukui is well known to help sufferers of psoriasis for just this reason. So by combining Kukui nut oil with all of our other healing ingredients, especially Hempseed oil, you’re getting a very serious healing balm that will withstand any elements, the natural way.

Anyone familiar with Serf to Surf™ knows that chemicals, alcohol and water have no place in our products. Instead we blend pure tropical fruit, seed and nut oils, blended into a solid bar that leaves no sticky or oily trace. And you’ll notice that we never put SPF in our products. Instead we rely on the natural +/-6 SPF found in Hempseed oil and Shea nut butter to offer that protection from the sun.

FACE PHIRST™ comes in a cool, collectable, eco-friendly tin. And at 1 oz. it fits neatly in your pocket, and won’t ever leak or spill. Best of all, if you’re lost in the backcountry and you've broken both your legs and one of your arms, have no fear! Simply use the FACE PHIRST™ shiny, reflective inner tin lid to signal the rescue crew or circling chopper before they trigger an avalanche. Before you know it you'll be back at the chalet relaying your tale, getting your cast's signed, and looking and smelling great

FACE PHIRST™, it won't only save your skin, it just might save your butt!


Rainforest scent

9.00 CDN

Waterproof - Approx 18 grams -3/4 oz

Gift packs




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