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Hey Carlos.  First of all, let me just say that the products I ordered from you are FANTASTIC!  I've suffered from eczema for 20+ years and I've never used anything as effective before.  As soon as i put it on my skin, i could feel the beneficial effects.  Usually i have to moisturize repeatedly all day, but your products have allowed me to reduce this dramatically.  You rock, your company rocks, and your products are simply amazing.  I really can't give say enough.  My question to you is if I can get the $30 two-tin deal for one of bodysex and one of essentials.

Of course you can :)

At Serf to Surf, we do our utmost to produce products that do what they claim and carefully review all suggestions submitted by customers. By creating and developing our products to YOUR standards we feel that as time passes we will have a range of superior products that will perform where others fail. We respect all input from our customers and always will!

Monoman is a respected customer who is very particular as to what is applied to his skin and hair ( as we all should be). I respect his opinions, suggestions and input.

He has been kind enough to submit some photos and opinions in regards to Essentials. Essentials is the same formula as Bodysex except that the fragrances are essential oils rather than fragrance oils. This makes it an ideal product as a massage bar, a skin conditioner and a hair treatment. It is also excellent for many other things, such as the control of psoriasis and rashes etc. as noted on the Bodystuff page here.

Thank you monoman for your time and effort! - Carlos


I have very unusual, naturally curly hair, so I'll let you judge for yourself (in the pictures) whether or not Essentials might be good for other people as a hair styling "gel", but its results have been great for me. BTW, I'm using Bronner ( bar soap (the almond, lately) as my "shampoo", even though *they* don't recommend *it* as *shampoo* (they say that it can dry hair out, although I feel as though that the exact opposite's happened to mine). Essentials' density makes it a little tough to wash out, but it does (not that it would hurt if some stuck around, but I'm a little worried about smothering my skin, buildup, and dirt, especially over time).

It's nice that your products, like Bronner's, for me, are pure enough that I can use them for what makes sense to me for their ingredients, and not just the intended or recommended use. I understand that there may be liability issues in touting them as more, but you really oughta have people try Essentials in their hair, if you ask me. Not trying to be vain, but I hope that the below pics, despite my unusual hair, convince you to give it a shot.

BTW, I started from slightly damp hair. I haven't tried from dry, yet (and may not, ever). It held all day, through some heat and wind, although I wasn't doing anything strenuous, so I'm not sure if scalp movement and/or sweat and stuff, or whatever, would break up the, like, locks, or whatever. I'm only giving you so much detail to help you in your gauging of Essentials' possible prospects for other people.

I just would love to see less chemical crap and more natural stuff in use. If you start telling people that it works on hair, and it does, and people start using it instead of God knows what that's in most of what people use on their hair nowadays, then, maybe, this email will have contributed to that much less pollutive, toxic, damaging compounds' being released into the environment, and I'll have accomplished what I set out to do with it.




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