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  Dear Sir,

I am writing to you after purchasing two of your staple products (Unscented Bodysex and African Black Soap) on the recommendation of Nathan Avilla, whom I believe to be a long-time client of yours — not to mention a convincing enthusiast.

I am glad to report that, after years of fighting skin trouble (acne and psoriasis) with every conceivable method known to man, from harsh chemicals and pills to vinegar and lavender, I have finally found relief and, dare I say it, cosmetic benefits as well, in your products. I have already noticed a marked improvement in less than a week (for the first time in about ten years), and this despite our harsh Parisian water (I am writing from France) that seldom works with natural products.

Colour me convinced, and enthused, by your products!

Very truly yours,
— FJ

Hey Carlos.  First of all, let me just say that the products I ordered from you are FANTASTIC!  I've suffered from eczema for 20+ years and I've never used anything as effective before.  As soon as i put it on my skin, i could feel the beneficial effects.  Usually i have to moisturize repeatedly all day, but your products have allowed me to reduce this dramatically.  You rock, your company rocks, and your products are simply amazing.  I really can't give say enough.  My question to you is if I can get the $30 two-tin deal for one of bodysex and one of essentials.

Of course you can :)


Bit of customer feedback is that this has been fantastic for my psoriasis. Whilst it hasn't got rid of it completely, it's the next best thing....My psoriasis is on palm of left hand and soles of both feet and I wish I'd taken 'before' photos because the 'after' is a world apart. After spending years using all sorts of different crap, I am extremely glad to have found out about Bodysex....


London, England

I have had psoriasis on my hands for four years the kind that I had is called pustular psoriasis and is on the hands and feet. It started with an infection and triggered my psoriasis. Over the four years I have tried all creams from the doctor from inexpensive to very expensive, also I was put on antibiotics three times and prednisone  twice which worked till I went off of it but turned my nerves all upside down. I have seen two dermatologists also I was put on a drug called methotrexate which is very hard on your liver ( scary stuff.) My hands would bleed and split open and I was always wrapped in bandages. This made living and using my hands very difficult to say the least.

Finally my husband was looking in a magazine and found an ad for Serf to Surf he called Carlos and he sent some samples and in one week I started to get better and each day it is better. Living is easier as I now have no bandages and my hands are clear and soft for the first time in four years. I never go out the door without some in my purse. It has made such a difference to my life, no more crying with pain anymore for me. I can not thank you enough for these products or say enough about it thanks does not say it all so again thank you I have my life back.

Pat Jennens

Kelowna BC

Aug. 17 2006 - Carlos just an update on my last testimony since last year I have spent the last nine months in Costa Rica and had no outbreaks of psoriasis but as soon as I was back I had problems again with the dry weather in Kelowna and I broke out all over my hands and face with psoriasis but went right back on Serf to Surf and it cleared up right away thanks again for creating such a great product.

Pat Jennens of Kelowna



Carlos, thank you for your recent shipment of Body Sex.  My Dad's hands are almost back to normal.  He loves your product!  Karen Lewsader - Phoenix, AZ


I have been using your lovely products for two years now,and they have been a lifesaver for my eczema.

Susan Smith,


Thank You! Thank YOU! Thank YOU! Carlos and Vernon (Serf to Surf UK)
I have been so miserable this weekend (long story) and today I am moping around the house, I went into the kitchen and there is a big brown box addressed to me!! My Lovely Bodysex and my samples, and I am bloody happy like a pig in mud!It felt like my birthday and christmas in one! All the smells are transporting me onto a tropical beach somewhere with mango trees, and the smell of the forest in the back and the lush sea breeze! I cannot wait to slap it on tonight and walk around smelling like a tropical rainforest
I just love the stuff, Since the samples I just cannot use anything else, it feels horrible, whereas your stuff, my skin drinks it all and adores it! That is going to keep me happy for a long time
Heidi xxxxxxxx
(a happy bunny now)
PS Your service has been fabulous, the samples, Emails, and help I have recieved has been priceless, thank you You certainly have my custom for life!

Heads magazine review-serf to Surf- Bodystuff July 2004

Heads Magazine Review- July 2004 Volume 4, Issue 7


Since an auto accident and the resultant scarring following surgery, I have suffered with a Psoriasis like disease on this patch of skin for years and constantly scratch until it bleeds.

Your product finally gave me some relief. Excellent.

John Barrieault. Vancouver,

From Down Under

Hello Sandi,
The parcel arrived on Monday this week. 
The products are great!  The lip balm smells good enough to eat.  It is certainly more appealing than what my husband currently uses (smells like insect repellent).
I have used body sex all over and used it all over also on my youngest son.  I apply after a nightly shower and it feels great. 
Phat Tat is very good too.  We have all had a number of scrapes and grazes and I applied Phat tat to all our wounds, including a minor burn on my hand.  The improvement was remarkable. One of my sons had wind burn on both his hands and this has now completely healed up.


  A friend was wearing your bodysex balm and I am nuts about it. I am wondering if you could bring some the next time you come in so I can buy it? Thank you and I can't wait because that product is YUMMY, and SEXXYYY. Thanks. Mayra.  
Giftpack samplers=SAVINGS!

I absolutely love this stuff! I guess it's true what they say about all natural products - they really are the best. I use BODYSEX for pretty much everything; I've used it after getting a major sunburn after snowboarding and my skin didn't peel like mad as it was healing.

I've gotten BODYSEX for my family and friends and they rave about too. Thanks for making such a great product!



Dear Serf to Serf

My name is Mary and I just wanted to write to thank you for your product. I have now been using it for about one month. Since I began to use Serf to Surf products, I have noticed a remarkable difference in the psoriasis that has plagued me for the last six years, the skin in the area has become more supple and less itchy, and not to mention, it looks much better as well as feeling better, The added bonus of Serf to Surf is the great scents of your products!!and the fact that it is all natural is really important to me as I am very allergic to many products Thanks Serf to Surf

I will definatley continue to use your product and look forward to sampling your future products.


Mary Martin


My name is Rachel and I really like your product, Hemp tropikiss as well as your body balm. I feel these are well-made high quality products and that I need to own some of these great products. I am a yoga instructor.

Can you tell me where I can get your stuff? I came across a sample on my boss, Jason Finnin's desk. I would be happy to promote you to my yoga students and many plethora pals!
Sincerely, Rachel Sutton, Saffron Pixie Yoga

      Where have you been? I have been using BODYSEX for a month now and although I found your claims a little hard to swallow, I tried it on my Psoriasis and can't believe it! No more waking up at night. No more itching! thank you. I've tried everything including prescribed salves but this product definitely works the best.PS. It smells fabulous too!Thanks! Martha W Anaheim, CA


As a sufferer of psoriasis, on the recommendation of the UK Psoriasis Help Forum I tried Bodysex for the first time a short while ago. I have to say it has made a huge difference to my hands which were the most painful area. It has got to the stage where I carry the tin around everywhere with me! I will need to order some more soon as I am about two thirds of the way through my first tin but before I do I was wondering if I could possibly try samples of the Beachsex and Face Phirst (which I think you do minus the tea tree) which someone the forum also recommend.

I very much look forward to hearing from you.

Kind regards


Never have I received such exceptional service. I will be sure to recommend your products to all my friends.

--Paige Miles

Hi there!  I wasn't sure who to submit this to, but I just wanted to say thank you for consistently offering great customer service and for showing your regular customers appreciation.  I have been ordering from you guys since the company's inception and have never been disappointed.  Thanks for the great new products! Sincerely, Donaline Vizcarra


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