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Beachsex, Tanning Balm
Bodysex, hemp moisturizing balm
Essentials , Hemp massage balm
Tropikiss, Hemp Lip Balm, Vegan Lip Balm
TUSH, Hemp diaper rash balm,stretch mark prevention
Face Phirst, Hemp extreme moisturizer
PHAT TAT, best tattoo aftercare available
Peticaure, hemp dog paw balm
Organic Shea nut butter, organic shea nut butter with organic hempsed oil
African Black Soap
FACE PHIRST is a blend of ten protecting, replenishing and conditioning emollients and oils. Our famous organic hempseed oil base is blended with the very finest carrier and essential oils known for their healing properties, including the ancient Polynesian skin healer, Kukui nut oil.PULSE essential oil balm is packed with skin replenishing nutrients and is scented with carefully blended natural essential oils. The essential oils are selected for their ability to increase circulation throughout the body and calm tired muscles.Peticure is a 100% natural balm especially formulated to treat your pet's skin ailments. It is excellent for the treatment and conditioning of pads exposed to harsh weather, salt or extreme heat.Serf to Surf brand skin and body care products contain only "Unrefined" shea nut butter and in healthy doses. The shea nut butter we use in our products is imported directly from Ghana Africa, the source of the best product available.Enjoy the frangrances of Serf to Surf in an eco - friendly, non-aerosol mist


Afrika Gold, deep hair conditioner
Myrakel Antiseptic balm
Skateraid, skater healing balm
Circulation Enhancement balm

ADIOS, natural hemp insect repellant
Happy Snouts
Organic virgin Coconut oil
PSO, psoriasis treatment

Organic Hemseed oil



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Due to the combination of emollients and the precise formula used in the formulation of Beachsex, Bodysex, Essentials, TUSH, Face Phirst and PHAT TAT, they are also great for the control of eczema and psoriasis, tanning booth rash, board rash, insect bites, bee stings, nettle stings, jellyfish stings, chickenpox spots, diaper rash, hemorrhoids, chapped lips, pet's eczema, pet lacerations (battle scars), razor rash, shaved head conditioning, acne spots, blisters, burns, cuts and scrapes, for the care and creation of dreadlocks and of course is the best hair wax available!



Serf to Surf brand natural skin care products contain only "Unrefined" shea nut butter and in healthy doses. The shea nut butter we use in our products is imported directly from Africa by a family who has been using the fruits of this tree for generations. Their knowledge of shea butter and its uses is extensive. Refined shea nut butter loses a lot of its healing properties and is often added to the product in small, useless quantities and then to the ingredient label simply to fool the consumer into thinking they are getting the real deal. You'll also know that the revenues are not supporting a large organization, rather the women who toil to pick and process the seed

Pure unrefined Shea nut butter  

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Cosmetic chemicals found in breast tumours

12:24  12 January 04 - news service

Preservative chemicals found in samples of breast tumours probably came from underarm deodorants, UK scientists have claimed. Their analysis of 20 breast tumours found high concentrations of para-hydroxybenzoic acids (parabens) in 18 samples. Parabens can mimic the hormone estrogen, which is known to play a role in the development of breast cancers. The preservatives are used in many cosmetics and some foods to increase their shelf-life..Full article



The seeds of the hemp plant produce rich, pure oil that is perfectly suited for skin care. No other oil from the plant kingdom is as rich in Essential Fatty Acids (EFA). Research has shown EFA's to be important ingredients in maintaining healthy skin and hair. EFA's include Omega-3, Omega-6, Omega-9, Linoleic Acid, Gamma Linolenic Acid (GLA) and Polyunsaturated Fatty Acids (PUFA).


Although they are very important in skin care and maintenance, some types of EFA are rarely found in natural oils. One excellent source, which combines the very best qualities of plant and fish oils, is from the seed of the hemp plant.

The outflow of moisture from the body is regulated by a barrier which the skin forms to protect itself from the external environment. Essential Fatty Acids preserve the "barrier function" of cell membranes. Skin which is deficient in EFAs and is subjected to salt water, sun and harsh elements for extended lengths of time allows more moisture loss and can show dryness and loss of elasticity. In cosmetic testing, EFA's have been proven to play a preventive role in the skin's aging process. Due to its rich content of Essential Fatty Acids, hemp seed oil is a perfect choice for skin, hair and lip care.

Our products are never tested on animals and are loved by humans and dolphins worldwide.
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Essence of ParadiseUnrefined shea and organic hempseed oilPeticurePhat TatFace PhirstTUSHTropikissEssentialsBodysexBeachsex

Beachsex is our premium Organic hempseed oil tanning bar specially formulated for indoor or outdoor tanning environments. It's a fabulous skin healing treatment for sun-worshipers who want to deepen their tan but take good care of their skin. Bodysex Hemp body balm is an all purpose skin healer and moisturizer made by hand from the finest and purest skin conditioning ingredients you can find. Essentials are formulated with the same carefully blended mixture of organic hempseed oil and unrefined shea nut butter and carrier oils as our famous Bodysex body balm. Bodysex is rapidly gaining popularity around the world as a fabulous moisturizer, healing balm and an ally to those suffering from psoriasis and other dry skin conditions. Tropikiss is our premium Hemp lip balm, created and blended with 8 of the very finest skin healing and protecting natural ingredients, in an Organic Hempseed oil base. It genuinely soothes and heals your lips, and thanks to its remarkably resilient formula, each application will last longer than just one kiss. In fact, one application of Tropikiss can last for hours!TUSH is a handmade skin balm especially blended for tender young buns! It prevents and treats diaper rash, soothes sensitive skin, and keeps your baby comfortable and happy!