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Beachsex™ is our premium Organic hempseed oil tanning bar specially formulated for indoor or outdoor tanning environments


We love the Tush and Beachsex for Andrew (baby), they seem to be doing an exceptional job keeping his skin looking lovely, supple and irritation free, when everything else made it pinker or did nothing at all. I think we prefer the beachsex, partly because of the name, but it is also such a beachy scent!  But work brilliantly.  We have been using them for a few weeks
now, and have had no flare ups of his dermatitis at
all...  Next thing to do is to try it on his other dry
patches on his arms and legs... 

Victoria, Australia.

  Hi Carlos!!
Just wanted to say thanks again I'm in love with your products. Phat tat is the best tattoo and piercing product ever 2 applications and my hard to heal red and swollen piercing was looking like it had always been there.and I also found a new use for beach sex !! It is the best Straightning balm ever. I have really curly hair and straightning my hair was a living hell until I figured that I could use beach sex. my hair is straight(no frizz at all) shiny and looks incredibly healthy

thanks again and again





I got my first sampling of Beachsex about 2 months ago and use it to replace three products which I bought before. I use it as a hair wax and my hair has never looked, or felt better, I use it for tanning and as an after tan moisturizer and for shaving. I have always had a problem with sensitive skin and this product is simply awesome. I'm almost out but I must say that for the amount I use it has lasted a long time.

I'm hooked. The Beachsex tin has found a permanent home on my bathroom vanity.

Excellent product, thanks,

Carmen G. Illinois



Hey Carlos!!!!!!

Thank you for your words of encouragement. We have been going around with your product in our purse and attacking strangers wherever we find them i.e. bathrooms, restaurants, gas stations, people who have sun burns...the list goes on.....

The condom is a hit...they love it.....the feedback we receive on your packaging has been a dynamic positive most excellent DUDE! from all age groups. We fear our display is going to be sold out even before we get it into the store on Saturday. We will have people lining up when we open to purchase your wonderful products.

It was such a pleasure to meet you and share your enthusiasm and to be a part of sharing your product with the multitudes. Hope to get together soon as we enjoy your company. Thanks ever so much

Ciao Mein
Mary & Laura Morvai
Your All Seasons Tan Girls from Maple Ridge


Hey Dudes.....

Love the product and the little "insert"! Good thing to have handy when a friend's in need too!

I was using the moisturizer while listening to my best friends "tale" of "tonight's my lucky night". It turned out to be her lucky day actually, instead of another endless lecture from me on SAFE SEX I simply handed her the condom and off she went....literally!

Promoting safe sex is an added bonus and much needed in today's world...keep up the good work!

Sue Tally, Vancouver

Beachsex is a great hair and skin product. It's not greasy or heavy on the hair. Also try it for tanning for a great tan! Beachsex definitely sells itself. Clients smell it and want it! It's also a little more fun to use than other waxes. I love it!


Professional Hair dresser
Revolutions Hair Salon
Burnaby BC

Awesome dudes! Bought beachsex, tried it, loved it, need more rubbahs!

Snake. Sacramento



  i have razor bumps and even some eczema and dry skin and nothing ever helps! my friend kicked me down some hemp skin balm from Vancouver and i'm totally stoked. no chemicals even, and it totally works. i totaly recommend it . its called Beachsex (I love the name!@!) and comes from Vancouver company Serf to surf. check it,yo. rad. anyone else heard of it or used it? tell me!      


Great product. Used to buy hair wax and moisturizer. No need to now. Good stuff!

Ken W. Seattle


Brilliant for tanning, dreads and shaved heads, healing coral cuts and scrapes, jellyfish stings, bug bites, board and body rash, and almost any skin ailment we've come across.
Yeah, and it comes with a RUBBAH!!

Beachsex. The one and only! Order yours today.

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