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Compassion often stops at itchy, scratchy, bug-infested camping trips. Luckily for the world (and the bugs), there are tangible weapons available to ensure a successful camping trip, cruelty-free.

Mosquitoes and black flies won’t hang around with Adios—a DEET-free bug repellant/sunscreen/moisturizer (yes, all in one!) from Vancouver-based Serf to Surf. This all-natural, biodegradable insect repellent avoids pesky ingredients like petroleum byproducts, mineral or animal ingredients, artificial colours, or synthetic preservatives, using organic hempseed oil, unrefined shea nut butter, and lemon eucalyptus instead.

Also offering a skin-care line, this grassroots company has even got celeb client Alicia Silverstone raving about its coconut and peach hemp lip balms. Now this is just the kind of nature you can nurture.

Erica Gehrke
Associate Editor
SharedVISION Magazine
Suite #301-873 Beatty Street
Vancouver, BC, Canada, V6B 2M6
t 604.733.5062
f 604.731.1050


Adios Tubes

Dear Serf to Surf

I wanted to compliment you on your ADIOS line of products.  It is wonderful to finally find a product that is chemical free that truly works as a bug replant and sun screen.  I only wanted to use natural products on my children and was therefore thrilled when I discovered ADIOS.  It is now the product I don’t leave home without.  Thank you for bringing such a great product to market.

I also must compliment you on your TUSH line of products. This product works wonders at clearing diaper rash and other ailments. I have been thrilled with how quickly this product works to clear up rashes and other sores. This too has become a product that I can not live without, having small children. Your dedication to bringing healthy safe products to market is greatly appreciated


Amanda Summers ext.223
Kidzsmart Concepts Inc.
Program Specialist
P: 1-888-292-9444 (Toll Free) 604-886-6633 (Local)
F: 1-604-886-6594

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