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      Dear Sir,

I am writing to you after purchasing two of your staple products (Unscented Bodysex and African Black Soap) on the recommendation of Nathan Avilla, whom I believe to be a long-time client of yours — not to mention a convincing enthusiast.

I am glad to report that, after years of fighting skin trouble (acne and psoriasis) with every conceivable method known to man, from harsh chemicals and pills to vinegar and lavender, I have finally found relief and, dare I say it, cosmetic benefits as well, in your products. I have already noticed a marked improvement in less than a week (for the first time in about ten years), and this despite our harsh Parisian water (I am writing from France) that seldom works with natural products.

Colour me convinced, and enthused, by your products!

Very truly yours,
— FJ

Daniella sent you a message.

Subject: Simply amazing.

"I am so impressed with the order of black soap I received! Thank you so so so so so much!, and for the extra goodies, you are generous. I am already seeing a huge difference in my skin and I`ve only used it twice. I had such dry skin before, and the first time I washed and used the Shea butter my skin has never felt better. And the coconut oil is much better than the oil I have been using. I am just so impressed and happy right now. .. I finally feel clean, in such a healthy way, and Fair trade really is the only ethical way to go, so thank you for that. If you can, can you thank the family for me who makes the black soap, they have done a wonderful job.
Your business is going to prosper and prosper, and that is the truth."


This is some of the finest of the planet's skin food money can buy, perhaps the best bang for the buck on the market at any price, offered for an honest, accessible sum. The supply chain is exceptionally ethical, supporting local ecology and traditional processing methods which minimally disturb the high vibrational energies of the plant material.

It smells like an old fashioned barber shop (and with plantain's long history in European culture, may well have been!), is milder than many so-called "castille" soaps (including a very well-known, well-produced, conscientious brand I won't name), and produces miles and miles of dense, sumptuous lather which within hours of my first application markedly began healing a bug bite which had hung on for weeks.

Extended use has noticeably lifted deep abscess scars I thought would clear only with a radical systemic detox. The staphylococcal blepharitis I've suffered from ever since I can remember has been banished without a trace. Not only that, my skin and especially my eyelids are buttery soft and glowingly healthy like no other soap has come close to achieving, and I've tried many extremely well-made, high quality all-natural soaps. My skin is relaxed and breathes through opened pores, whereas usually it's been all closed up defensively. This soap cleans powerfully, deeply enough that my skin can really function, heal, and shine!

I'm thrilled to have discovered such an exceptional product and to support an ethical supply chain from a conscientious and responsible vendor. I feel privileged to support Serf to Surf and enjoy their African black soap!

P. S. I have had rousing success using a very small amount on nearly dry hair as a styling gel.

I sent you pics of Afrika Gold a while back as hair goop, but always had trouble with it melting a bit too much, even though that was part of what made the product good for its intended use.   The risk with African Black Soap is worse for my skin in that too much coats the skin and won't let it breathe.  The reason I mention this technique, however, is that it's an awesome, flexible "gel" at ridiculously low cost, and only requires that you scrub your scalp very thoroughly each day when you wash your hair, to make sure there's no buildup.
Black Soap Hair
That said, what's worked to get these pics consistently, has been to wash my hair very, very well each night, then in the morning once it's dried (and it dries all frizzy, which is why the combination of water and soap at once is so important, here...), I take only enough water to let me smooth some soap off my hand over the hair, and a little more of each until the soap I can feel coats the hair well, but does not sud, and to keep it from sudding, you just have to make sure there's not enough water (it's hard to get too much soap unless you also have too much water).


The worst that can happen is it suds, you have to slick it off, and clear out with your fingers, but not all the way, leaving enough soap to harden nicely, but that will definitely coat your scalp, and it's hard to not slick off too much and have it dry frizzy again.   I sometimes have to re-dry my hair and be careful not to put on too much water.  I just coat my hand in water a few times, and just run my hand over the dry soap a few times, each time applying what's on my hand to the hair, takes virtually no product and I'm very happy with the results! :-)

Dynamist- CA

Thank you so much for the nice, dark soaps this last order!  They have that dense, crumbly, soft feeling the first did where it just melts in water super-smoothly, not waxy at all.  It's so mild I don't ever have to worry about burning my skin.  With all the gunk from areas of my life I don't have control over, your soap's a lifesaver.
P.S.  Dunno if you've ever heard of soapnut but it works incredibly well on laundry.  Its shell is coated with saponin, a clear, waxy goo, which melts in hot water (dissolves less in cold so you just use more at once).  I got whole soapnuts from Maggie's.  Soapnut, reduces surface tension so the dirt just falls off the clothes.  It even works against chemical crap like I have to combat in shared laundry facilities with inconceivably evil tap water, right now.

BTW, it's no replacement for black soap, far as I could tell.  Doesn't suds, so I'd worry in a bar soap it'd just rinse straight away.  Just a totally different thing.


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