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A fabulous African Black soap with added organic hempseed oil


All natural African Black Soap with added organic hempseed oil.Fair trade ensured.


Serf to Surf has combined the healing benefits of certified organic hempseed oil with the amazing and time tested qualities of African Black Soap.We also now offer bulk African Black Soap. Why not offer it to your customers or friends by weight to intoduce them to this great product and to generate some additional income?

Black Soap or African Black Soap also known as Anago Soap or Alata soap, originates from West Africa. It has been used for centuries in Ghana. It’s methods and secrets have been passed down from generation to generation to keep the soap close to mother nature and avoid exploitation & imitations. Many have tried to create their version of black soap with all kinds of ingredients. Ghana’s Alata soap is the best quality black soap because it is the ORIGINAL.

For centuries, Ghanaians have used Black Soap to help relieve acne, oily skin, clear blemishes and various other skin issues.













African Black soap has also been used to achieve beautiful skin. Africans have also used this natural soap for bathing and washing their hair. Great for removing make-up. Black Soap will leave your skin soft, clear and smelling delicious. This soap is not scented.

Alata Samina or Anago Samina is the term used in the local dialect called Twi to refer to Black Soap or African Black Soap. Alata or Anago is a reference to the people of the Northern Region of Ghana, mainly the Hausa tribe. Alata Samina is now used all over Ghana.

African Black Soap comes from plantain skin. It is a natural source of vitamins A & E and iron. (Plantain is a popular food in Africa, South America & other parts of the world. It can be found in ethnic or international grocery stores such as Latino, Caribbean or African. It looks like banana but much bigger. It does not taste like a banana & has to be cooked before eating).

The skin of the plantain is gingerly dried to a precise texture under the hot African sun. It is then roasted in a clay oven. The heat must be constant in order to achieve a particular color, texture & smell. In some recipes, Cocoa Pod is used instead of plantain skins. Cocoa Pod is the shell of the Cocoa fruit. The cocoa beans are used for making chocolate or cocoa butter among other things.

The next process is very delicate because if it is not done properly, with the right ingredients, there will be no soap. The roasted plantain skin is mixed with palm oil, palm kernel oil to form the soap. The roasting of the plantains determines the color of the soap. The longer the plantains are roasted, the darker the soap. African Black Soap is centuries old, has numerous benefits & is not scented. It can be used by anyone who wishes to improve the quality of their skin. 

  Unrefined She Nut Butter  



Serf to Surf skin care product testimonials

Suggested Uses: Traditional African Black Soap has been used to treat rashes, acne, eczema, dandruff, body odor and much more. The African black soap helps keep the skin clean and helps against premature facial lines.

It is great for showering, bathing, washing of the hair, face and the feet. Black Soap is recommended for the young and the old. It is also recommended for people with with tender skin. Black soap leaves the skin smooth and soft & as a facial soap it is excellent for clearing acne.

Traditionally, African black soap has been used in Africa for the treatment of rashes, ring worm, eczema and also as a natural hair shampoo to avoid itchy and dry scalps.

The Unrefined Shea nut butter and the African Black Soap that we use in our skin care products and offer you are the very finest and are purchased from a family in Ghana who have been creating these products for generations. I have been assured that the payment for these products is directed to those who harvest and toil to process and create them.

At Serf to Surf we re-process the natural base product and add a healthy dose of certified organic hempseed oil, blend thoroughly and then mold. The final product we think is the finest soap (and shampoo) we have ever used. It is extremely rich in lather, moisturizes and nourishes the skin with EFA's, and provides superb gentle, cleansing and healing properties. We're sure that you'll agree once you sample this fabulous product. It will leave your skin and hair feeling fantastic without the chemicals which are so prevalent in today's products. This product is offered fragrance free.


African Black Soap Bulk


Hemp soap. African Black Soap with hempseed oil.
Unfortunately folks Canada Post charges $9.00 for shipping one 6 oz. bar in Canada and $6.00 to the USA (go figure) so we have no choice but to to add the shipping fee, but we have added some quantity discounts for you.


1 - 4 OZ. - African Black Soap

13.00 CDN

6.00 + 7.00 shipping Canada only

Overseas follow links below

Approx 112 Grams - 4 OZ



 African Black Soap with added organic hempseed oil.Fair trade ensured. 4 oz bar.
Virgin palm kernel oil, plantain leaf ashes, unrefined shea nut butter, certified organic hempseed oil

2 - 4 OZ. - African Black Soap

20.00 CDN

11.00 + 9.00 shipping Canada only

Overseas follow links below

Approx 224 Grams - 8 OZ


6 - 4 OZ. - African Black Soap

35.00 CDN

30.00 + 10.00 shipping Canada only

Overseas follow links below

Approx 678 Grams - 24 OZ

Hemp soap. African Black Soap with hempseed oil.

The finest, fair trade, African Black Soap available is now offered in bulk.

Canadian dollars - Includes shipping within Canada 





The finest African Black Soap, hand selected for consistant quality and ALWAYS fair trade. A fabulous natural product!

African Black Soap Bulk

Product quality and service sample

1 pound - 28.00

Includes shipping within Canada 


African Black Soap private label. PrivateLabel, african black soap

Includes forming, shrink wrapping and labeling


5 pounds - 18.00 / lb - 90.00

20 pounds - 15.00 / lb - 300.00





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All natural African Black Soap with added organic hempseed oil.Fair trade ensured TOP
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