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The Perfect Union of Human and nature

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Serf to Surf hemp productsstrives to produce the very best natural, skin care, lip balm and quality hemp products on the market today. We define this by the content and the quality of our essential and carrier oils and the formulae used to create the specific products. Products that actually do what they say they do, offered at prices that are affordable to all segments of the public and not just the elite.

All you need to do is have a look at the contents of our products and compare them to the competition. Do a little research. Have a look at the testimonials. See what the people are saying.

We hope that you try our hemp skin care products and are confident that you'll become a loyal customer. You will find discounts on each product page to enable you to get a better price should you discover a product which enhances your life or well being.

We also have lots of Gift pack Samplers so you can try assorted product combinations in various sizes prior to buying full size tins. We believe a good product should prove itself and we want to make it easy and affordable for you to test our wares and share the products with your friends and if you live in Canada or the USA, we pay the shipping!

We are receiving excellent feedback from satisfied customers from all over the world who have used Bodysex and Essentials on cases of psoriasis, eczema, rosacea and other dry skin conditions and TUSH on tough cases of diaper rash. PHAT TAT is rapidly becoming recognized by studios world wide as the finest tattoo and piercing aftercare product on the market and we have absolutely no problem challenging any and all competitors. Private labeling is available for studios.

Serf to Surf will also help you create and will manufacture your own line of private label lip balm or private label natural skin care products for retail, promotional or private label purposes. From graphic design and labeling to production and marketing. One facility with no middle-man equals savings and prompt, professional service.

Private Label lip balm and skin care program and testimonials

With 36 years of business and marketing experience and international business contacts, we possess the knowledge and experience to assist you every step of the way. We will gladly work with you on all graphics, from labels to packaging, collateral, billboards, posters, shirt graphics etc. Whether you are a small or large company all work will be done in a fast, efficient and cost effective manner to get your message to your market with IMPACT. Set your company and products apart from the mainstream. You can view some graphic samples in the portfolio here.

Since 2002 we have evolved from a business that started in a small room in Vancouver to a company with products offered in 5 countries and hundreds of stores, with a clientele comprised of retailers, spas, reps and distributors that is steadily growing. Serf to Surf also manufactures private label skin care products for over 200 clients from individuals to corporations in 5 countries. In this competitive industry do you think this would be possible if our products, presentation and customer service were not superior?

New Stuff

I am in the process of redesigning our website and it will likely take me a few months. I am beginning with our clothing line as it is missing on this site. Here is the link. I will advise as we proceed and when the transition is complete.

New Eastvan store Link. East Van and Downtown Eastside clothing line

Blossom- New name ... new look.
The fastest healing and most amazing natural, vegan antiseptic that you have ever used


Blossom now called Myrakel. Try it on any wound and you will understand why! Amazing natural antiseptic.

The Finest in hemp skin care products, hemp products and private label products direct from the manufacturer

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Small Steps

David Suzuki, Vancouver Sun

Published: Wednesday, January 16, 2008

The average person uses between 10 and 45 pounds of soap, toiletries and cosmetics each year. Unfortunately, many of these products -- less than 10 per cent in some cases -- have not been fully tested for cancer-causing compounds. Since you absorb 60 per cent of any substance applied to your skin, it's important you watch what you're putting on your body. Start by replacing one or more of your toiletries with natural, petroleum-free products that don't contain sulphates, parabens or triclosan.




Lipbalm tins and cosmetic tubes for sale at wholesale prices! Free shipping!




Co-Op America. Approved for People and Planet

Hemp. Get your hemp on with excellent hemp skincare products, hemp lip balm and hemp clothing.





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